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We highly recommend you watch the above video as there is a lot details about the AOC PD27 AGON Gaming Monitor that is not covered in the the section below.

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The AOC PS27 had some help on the design. AOC reached out to PORSCHE to get their style and influence. What they came up with, as a team, is a very impressive and one of a kind gaming monitor. The PD27 is a 27 inch curved gaming monitor. The curvature is the 1000R, so what does this mean? The 1000 part means if you were to lay the monitor flat it would measure 1000mm. The R stands for radius. The 1000R is close to the natural viewing angle of the eyes. The human eyes sees in a curved field of view so making the monitor curved helps the brain feel more immersive in the viewing.

With a very thin, 2mm, bezel on three side of the monitor and a small 30mm bottom edge you get as much screen as possible plus a very clean and sleek look.



If you haven’t already noticed, then I will point out the monitor stand is very unique. The stand, designed after race car roll cages, is solid steel (heavy) and is chrome plated. This is a well needed departure from your basic plastic with a few steel parts stand that you see on almost every other PC monitor.

AOC PD27 GAMING MONITOR LED Lighting effects

Light up your gaming area with the customizable AOC Light FX and turn your workspace into a showcase.  You have multiple display styles to choice from and you are also able to create your own. There is even a mode where you can even have the LED lights react to your music, movies, and games. This can all be controlled through the OSD.



On both sides on the back of the monitor we see some vents. This of course to help keep the AOC PD27 cool but also allows the sound from the 5w x 2 DTS sound speakers to escape. There are some holes where the video and other connections are at to help round out the sound emitted.


There is plenty of adjustment of the screen with monitor being able to tune left and right, 150mm travel from bottom to top, -5 degrees tilt towards you and a 23 degree tilt away.


The solid metal chrome stand does stick out about 4-5 from the monitor, but with the large V shape it was not intrusive and has plenty of room to place items right in front of you.


With no button on the front or underneath of the monitor you are given the typical joystick control for the On Screen Display for the monitor settings.


AOC PD27 GAMING MONITOR wireless OSD keypad

Something that I have not personally seen with any other monitor is a remote control for the On Screen Display.


AOC PD27 GAMING MONITOR aoc, Gaming, Gaming Monitor, monitor 1

With a push of one of the numbered buttons you can instantly switch between customizable gaming modes using the wireless keypad.


An all new redesigned OSD was made just for the AOC PD27 Gaming Monitor. You can access this with the on monitor joystick and the wireless remote.

Every monitor option is available here including the Lighting Effects which can be turned off.


The AOC PD27 has many options built into the monitor such as the ability to use a UBS cord from the monitor to your PC to make the USB 3.2 hub usable. You can also plug in a mic/headphone set that uses the 3.5 jack connection. I used the Display port connection for my testing and I was able to listen and record my voice through the monitor.

AOC PD27 GAMING MONITOR HDMI and display ports

Four video inputs are given on the PD27. With many people using their high quality monitors for many different options it is nice to be able to hook up just about anything and just switch the inputs when needed. The AOC PD27 can also auto sense which input is being use and switch to it.

AOC PD27 GAMING MONITOR logo projection

Another unique feature of the AOC PD27 is the logo projection. Coming from the stand is a mini projector that can display the AGON or PORSCHE logo on your desk.
These are the only two options as I am sure that you have, but I am guessing if you want to take apart the projection you could replace the die that make the logos.

AOC PD27 GAMING MONITOR logo projector

Moving the lever switches the logos that can be displayed.



Display Size 27 Inches
Resolution QHD Wide 1440p
Display Technology LED
Refresh rate 240Hz
Response Time (MPRT) 0.5 ms
Panel Type VA
Sync Technology FreeSync Premium Pro
Backlight WLED
Scanning Frequency HDMI2.0: 30k-230kHz (H) DP1.4: 30k-360kHz (H) // HDMI2.0:48-144Hz (V) DP1.4:48-240HZ(V)


I have never used a curved monitor until now. I was little apprehensive as I thought there would a weird distortion while view as I do wear glasses. Will testing and playing games I did not noticed any discomfort or weirdness vision. The 240hz refresh rate and .5m response time is an amazing combination. Games, movies, and such are seamless and smooth.

I have never been much of a fan of built-in speakers that come with some monitors as they are just there to “get you by” until you get something. I was very surprised by the quality of the sound. There none of the flat crappy sound, but a very descent mid-tone and bass that I feel I could use in place of my 2.1 speakers. You can hear the sound in the review video, which I highly recommend you watch as there is a lot details about the AOC PD27 AGON Gaming Monitor.


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