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Biostar Hi-Fi Z97WE Motherboard Review

Biostar, a company which has been releasing motherboards for almost three decades, has just released the new Hi-Fi Z97WE. While Biostar has been around for some time, it isn’t usually the first company that comes to mind when searching for a new motherboard. Although this may be the case for most for most PC enthusiasts, the fact remains that it will be hard to find a motherboard loaded with the same new features as the Hi-Fi Z97WE for a better price.Biostar is known for having some of the most affordable boards on the market and the Hi-Fi Z97WE is no exception. You can find Biostar’s Hi-Fi Z97WE on Newegg for $114.99, which is an outstanding price for a Haswell board.

Biostar Hi-Fi Z97WE Motherboard Review @ TechwareLabs

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