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Bitcoin Adoption in the United Kingdom

Bitcoin Adoption in the United Kingdom bitcoin, bitcoin adoption, bitcoin united kingdom, George Osborne 1Following mentions of U.K. chancellor George Osborne’s desire to make Britain a Bitcoin Capital last year and proposing a government investigation into the potential of the cryptocurrency and related technology, 2015 would appear to be an exciting time for Bitcoin in the United Kingdom

The “call for information” report issued by the last government in March was deceptively positive, despite a clear depiction of the regulatory minefield which must be navigated before Bitcoin can play a more significant part in U.K. business life.

It also appears that much interest is being directed toward the blockchain technology that informs Bitcoin from leading financial powers, many of which are based within the city of London. More interesting, though, is the gradual adoption by more and more members of the British public.

CEX is a chain of secondhand technology stores and a regular fixture on many British high streets. It is one of the more significant U.K. retailers that accepts payment in bitcoin; the nature of the retail outlets’ focus on technology means it has access to a massive cross-section of the current and potential cryptocurrency user base. Early adopters such as CEX serve the wider Bitcoin community by providing greater visibility to the cryptocurrency and leading by example in its faith in the alternative currency.

Source: Commentary: Bitcoin Adoption in the United Kingdom – Bitcoin Magazine


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