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Alphacool keeps your mining machines cool

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Alphacool mining products

The world-renowned water cooling company, Alphacool, now offers special crypto mining solutions for industry and end user customers. In addition to mining the well-known cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, systems that are very similar are also increasingly being used in research, development and other areas.

Because of the massive power these systems generate means they produce a lot of heat due to the mass of components used in enclosed spaces. Now, Alphacool has met the demands from the industry and has created cost-effective water cooling solutions and systems. Starting with cases for e.g. server racks and full cover graphic card coolers up to complete mining systems including hardware and preinstalled software.

The products are all cost effective, particularly the graphics card coolers! Extremely low prices are possible which can compete, or even beat the prices of air cooling, without compromising on quality. For even more reliability, there are graphics card coolers with include an integrated pump. Since there are usually several GPUs in a circuit, if one pump does fail, the other pumps can easily keep the liquid flowing ensuring that the system stays cool.


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