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Cooler Master announces new mechanical keyboards at CES 2018

The MK850 and MK851 will be out in June

Check out our visit to the Cooler Master Suite at CES 2018, and the announcement of two new MasterKeys keyboards.

The MasterKeys MK850 will be available with either Cherry MX Blue or Brown switches, and features dual “volume” dials on the left side, which will be customizable for Macro or other functions through the included software.  And being on the left-side of the keyboard, you won’t have to take your hand off the mouse to access them.

It’s twin, the MK851, will feature Cherry MX Red mechanical switches, and features Cooler Master’s “Aim Pad” on the QWER and ASDF keys.  These keys allow for analog input to the keyboard, similar to a joystick, for fine movement control, and can be recognized as a joystick input in Windows.


Both keyboards will be available around June of this year.

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  1. I wonder why so many manufacturers don’t seem to be interested in using black switches anymore. Maybe the majority of their customers don’t like them? I just got a keyboard with blacks a few days ago and it’s much better than I expected.

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