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Cooler Master Storm Sirus 5.1 Gaming Headset

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Cooler Master has a branded line of products called Storm that includes, cases, mice, and gaming surfaces. The only thing that seems to be missing are headsets…until now. Sirus is the first in the headset line for Cooler Master Storm line and they jumped in all the way with this pair of headphones. Let us take a look and see what they created.

Sponsor: Cooler Master



About and Packaging


Storm Sirus Introduction and Product Positioning

 Built for gaming enthusiasts and audiophiles alike, the CM Storm Sirus 5.1 Surround Sound Headset creates an immersive experience with hi-fidelity soundscapes and intense bass. Sirus produces precise and crisp sounds through its 8 discrete speaker channel pairs. These consist of Front, Rear, Center, and Sub. These deliver accurate and fully adjustable real-time 360 degree audio – made possible by its Tactical Mixing Console. In addition, Sirus is coupled with a uni-directional microphone with background noise cancellation that enables crystal clear conversations with teammates and enemy combatants. This is a premium headset focused on high-end gaming 



Our pre released media sample came to us in a plan white box so the images above were provides by Cooler Master on how the final packaging will appear. The headset that we will taking a look at is what should be hitting the stores shortly so you will be getting a first look at the new Storm Sirus Headset and all that it has to offer us. 

Headphones Specifications :
Channel True 5.1 
Speakers Front, rear, center: 30mm Sub: 40mm
Frequency Response 10Hz – 20kHz 
Distortion Less than 1%

Microphone Specifications :
Pick-up Uni-directional 
Frequency Response 100Hz – 10kHz
Sensitivity -46dB ± 3dB

Audio Interface:
Connections Mini Audio Jack or USB Sound

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