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Although it is good to see that Cougar follows through with the same consistent high quality packaging, but it does ask the question, could Cougar make a minimalistic packaging style for certain models they offer to save the end user some money? However one thing Cougar does, that I have seen other manufactures fall short on is use foam padding instead of simple cardboard to help protect the product from impact. The keyboard itself is rather light but you can definitely feel that the construction is solid. The included hand rest is gripped but for those that need something with a little more give such as a gummy palm rest, have nothing to worry about as the included palm rest is removable.


Cougar has had a very good track record of offering quality products are reasonable prices, but in a market of mechanical keyboards with similar pricing, Cougar may have a bit of an uphill battle with the 500K priced at $79.99. This isn’t to say that the keyboard feels cheap or functions poorly, the 500K actually handles well as a gaming keyboard once you have set your personal controls up using the UIX software. Unlike other Cougar mice we have reviewed that utilized the UIX software to control every color of the rainbow and in between, the 500K is limited to only shades of orange, this might be a limiting factor when it comes to a final decision by the final user as orange is not a popular color compared to colors like green, blue, white and red.

Overall through my personal experiences with the 500K from Cougar my only major concern/ grief would be the price point. Remember the keyboard does require the UIX software to take full advantage of the keyboard, without this software however I do have to be honest and say that I began my experience rather frustrated  due to natural keyboard actions being hindered. Other than that for users that prefer membrane over mechanical keyboards and don’t mind paying what I would consider a premium price for a membrane keyboard, will enjoy the features that are offered on the 500K.

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