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Fallout 4 Creation Kit Modding Tool Available for FREE


As the clock winds down to the eventual release of the much anticipated Fallout game, Bethesda has promised that it will be moddable and they will even make a creation kit available early next year for the PC which is “the same tool (Bethesda) uses in the studio”. The mods will be also open to sharing and even Xbox and Playstation 4 users will be able to use them as well. And although it is quite early with no actual solid DLC ideas yet, Bethesda is offering a Season Pass of $30 for users who want to pre-order and will receive all upcoming DLCs free. Bethesda’s DLCs are not like other games where it is just a fancy new palette swap or a bug fix so this is exciting news for fans who want to get in early on the action.

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