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Flir E6 Thermal Infrared Camera | TechwareLabs

flirlogoLarge Flir E6 Thermal Infrared Camera

For as long as I’ve been aware of thermal cameras I have wanted one. In addition to being a really cool piece of technology it is uber useful. In my work at we review a LOT of hardware, pretty much anything that uses electricity. That means heat, and at times quite a bit of it. Wouldn’t it be handy to see the heat that any given object puts off? You could isolate sources of heat and cold, find out if one part is hotter than another and get its exact temperature within 0.06 degrees C. For the more analytical among us it would be cool to see if those larger heatpipes actually convey more heat no pun intended. Introducing the E6 from Flir, a Thermal Imager for your needs.

via Flir E6 Thermal Infrared Camera | TechwareLabs.


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