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From Necessity to Obsession ….. It’s a Mod Thing!!!

Lately I have been thinking about Paul Hogan in the 1986 hit movie CROCODILE DUNDEE. In the movie MICK CROCODILE DUNDEE dismisses a mugger that pulls out a switch-blade with the now famous line, “That’s not a knife – this is a knife”, as he shows the mugger his huge Bowie style hunting knife.

That’s not a Mod – This is a Mod!!  Whoa, Whoa, Whoa!! X!! How in the heck did you go from a movie to modding? Have you lost your only marble? LOL ….. Nope. It’s A Mod Thing!! You see, modders are that rare species that can take any aspect, well of just about anything, and associate it with a mod or even make a mod out of it, or build a mod into it. Don’t believe me, just check out our Case Mod List of Listsfor just a sample of some of the wild mods out there. So, you see it’s not as much of a stretch as it seems and I was merely just setting the mood. LOL  

So, what is modding? What!?!? You mean you don’t know? Hmmm, let’s try to rectify that situation right now. 

First, if you try to define modding by using a standard dictionary (websters for instance) you will find the dictionary severely lacking in defining what we as modders know as modding. You will be much better off using a techencyclopedia, search google, google is your friend. Using a techencyclopedia you find the following definitions; 


modding ; Making modifications to the standard PC. See mod; 

mod ; (MODify or MODification) Refers to enhancements made by PC and gaming enthusiasts to their computer systems. “Modders” alter the standard desktop computer for looks, performance or both. Some make modifications to the case to make the system quieter. Overclocking the CPU is common as well as adding enhanced cooling systems to compensate for the increased temperatures of the chips.

Now, that we have a simple basic modders definition of modding, let’s move forward. 

So, how does one get started in modding? ….. Well, it is simple enough really and usually it starts off as a necessity, such as someone needing to add some extra cooling to their system and they decide to go outside the norm with an LED fan. …..Bam! A very simple mod has been initiated that not only includes better cooling, but cool lights too. Next thing you know they start (for some odd unknown reason, lol) seeing more intensely modded machines everywhere and the drooling begins! They then hit the web in search for said modded machines and Wham! Bam! There they are everywhere and some are beautiful works of art. Not only that ….. Wait for it ….. here’s the clincher ….. “Hey! I think I could do that!!” Yep, you guessed it! The bug has dug in and they are well on their way to attempting their very first mod, thus the beginning of the modding obsession.


The first mod is now completed and it turned out pretty fair, so, let’s go a step further. Beginning to get the picture? From there it turns from going a step further with their own mods, to going a step further with the other guy’s mods. Geesh, it just never ends, the cycle is just out right vicious. lol But hey, modders thrive on it, and once caught in the vicious web of the modding world, you’ll find people trying to out do each other and comparing each others mods in a competitive manner. Thus the “That’s not a Mod – This is a Mod” type comments and thoughts. ….. Go Figure! 

So, the questions begin to pop up as to what is and what is not a mod. Is a custom paint job really a mod? Yes, refer to the definition above. Hey, all they did was add a bunch of neat lights and some fans, that’s not a mod! Again refer to the above definition. These examples may not go to the extremes of modding that some go to when they mod a case, but they are still mods. From there it evolves to more aggressive modding that is very recognizable, but still noted pretty much as a factory computer case/chassis. Then we have the so called “scratch builds”, these are completely custom fabricated builds. In other words, none of the chassis or case from a factory case is present. 

The world of modding is huge! I mean it actually has unlimited potential and limitless boundaries. So, the next time you start to think, hey that’s not a mod, rethink your thinking, just because it may not be on a grand scale or as elaborate as the next guys doesn’t make the fact that it is a mod nil and void. There is enough room in the world of modding for everyone.

So, where does it end? Tough question to answer really. I guess where it ends is up to the individual, and I suppose it could also depend upon how deeply entangled in the vicious web of the modding world one gets. For some ….. there is no end, It’s a Mod Thing!!!



From Necessity to Obsession ..... It's a Mod Thing!!! 1

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