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Crysis… fandom… and the case mod

The inextricable tie between a great game and the onslaught of casemods as a tribute…

Which came first… the chicken or the egg? Same situation here…

Do case mods come out because of the prospect of great game or does a great game inspire great casemods?

You know it happens, and with this game (Crysis)… we should just prepare for the onslaught. This game has so much going for it that I’ve heard they are putting the US Presidential campaign on hold because none of the candidates Sys Admins are currently available! Such is the power of Crysis.

From a modding standpoint, you have great graphics to pull from, a sweet “high tech” story line… oh yeah, and Nanosuits! That last one is going to be what helps to differentiate cases. I’ve already seen 2 or 3 Crysis mods. 1 that is now being planned. All of which have been good in their own rights and merits. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for this particular theme of case mod. 

On that point, COD4:MW is out as well. And on it’s own, is an excellent game! But it does not thrill and excite me the way Crysis does. COD4:MW is a very real and tangible game. The weapons, the tactics, the strategy, all are fairly modern and reportable. The Crysis Nanosuit is fictitious and infectious. To a game of this type, it is like crack, it is that addictive. To play through a scene in 3 or 4 desperately different tactics is an absolute dream! Watching the suit react and allow the wearer to tackle hostiles in this manner is so far fetched, but yet so believable that it makes the suit *seem* real. Kinda like technology that you always thought was possible but the government just did not want to tell you about…. 

With that kind of imagination in the game, it will be of no surprise that there will be several persons out there gunning for this mod. Gunning to be the next piloux with his extraordinary HL2:Blackmesa. He was then asked to create another rig for Valve itself as a demo rig for their office! What an honor! 

I put piloux in a near Godlike status in the realm of modding for his back to back HL2 based mods… it started the eventual crush of HL2 based computer themes that flooded the forums all over the world. BF2 his a chord with some people, but HL2 and the resultant episodes have spawned more mods than I can care to count… I think that Crysis has the chance to spawn the same type of modding frenzy. I honestly do. 

I know that I can count my self among the infected… I will *eventually* do a Crysis mod. I have a vision in my head that is going to be difficult (what modder has *ever* said that their mod was going to be easy… hehehehe! ), but the effect will be freaking brilliant. So, who knows how long it will take me to realize the build. No clue… none, so don’t ask! :D 

But the game has put me to thinking… just like the thousands of others that have bought this game and are thinking, “I could do a bitchen case on this!” 

Well folks… time to put up those ideas! 

If ever there was a game deserving of great case mods, Crysis is it. HL2 started it, and has a virtual army of tributes. I firmly believe that Crysis will have that same effect. It is going to be sweeeeet!

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