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GamesCom 2012 Masters Modding at Work

Run by the DCMM  from August 15th through the 19th, the casemodding-community from Germany and other countries meets each year at GamesCom in cologne and this year it was the 11th International German Casemod Championship.  Every modder who has modified his case, his DVD-player, his console or his mp3-player individually or has constructed a new one can participate.


GamesCom 2012 Masters Modding at Work DCMM, German Casemod 1

GamesCom 2012 Masters Modding at Work DCMM, German Casemod 2


Images from http://www.kitguru.net

The German Casemod Championship (DCMM) is broken up into five competing groups. Group 1 – "Casemods" (case modifications) includes commercially-manufactured computer cases, modified or remodeled by the participants.

Group 2 – "Casecons" (case constructions) includes computer cases which have been designed and constructed by the participant. These case constructions are not based on commercially-manufactured computer cases. The category Casecons also includes non-PC-cases, which have been remodeled to carry a computer. (e.g. suitcases, beer crates, hi-fi cases, etc.)

Group 3 – "CE-Mods" (consumer electronics modifications) includes modified day-to-day electronic devices, mainly coming from the area of entertainment electronics. However, there will be no restrictions about the nature of the device, meaning constructions such as a remodeled toaster may participate as well as DVD-players or redesigned TV sets.


Group 4 will be the 24h Live-Modding-Challenge, a discipline where teams including 2 members will be granted 24 hours (8 hours each day for 3 days at the venue) to modify a regular commercial case.

This is an awesome idea and something that we, Modders-Inc, would really like to do at next years QuakeCon!

See more images at Kitguru – Masters of Modding


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