Lessons of Painting a PC Case

Harsh Lessons of Paint: Leaking Lacquers

Lacquer-based paints are a fussy class of paints used to create high-quality paint jobs. If you’re thinking of experimenting with this type of paint, you might make a lot of mistakes in the learning process. (I’m looking into using these paints in the future, to create a whole new slew of hilarious misadventures).

Unfortunately, the mistakes can be made before you even leave the store, which is what I recently experienced.


If improperly stored, lacquers (and probably other types of paint as well) can leak their contents into a crust around the brim. Per Dupli-Color’s support, this type of crust will never be formed during normal manufacturing or storage since there are quality control procedures observed, even right before it ships out. It is unclear whether the paint itself was damaged under these conditions, but the crust itself certainly poses the threat of falling into the reservoir of the paint gun and fouling the mechanism.

In conclusion, check your cans before checking out! Otherwise you might end up with a clogged paint gun full of questionable product.


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Michael Kraft

Michael is an impressionable 20- something and notorious cheapskate. He hopes to teach the world about how to maximize your mod:dollar ratio, while obscuring the fact that he's making this up as he goes along.

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