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LIMBO – Case Mod Monday

Hope You Like Orange Juice

Open PC Cases seem to be the hot spot for case modders of late. Probably because they have the ability to show off all the hardware and water cooling setups with ease. Our current featured Case Mod started life as a standard Antec Striker (Available at Amazon). With some time and skill, it was turned into Project Limbo.

George Antonopoulos (Facebook Page) is the Owner and Founder at OverChilled. When George is not modding he is an Information Technology Technical Support Specialist (IT Technical Support Specialist) at Champion and lives in Athens, Greece.

Antonopoulos says “My Latest Project ”Limbo” using the New Z490 Aorus Ultra mini Atx Board. Hope you like Orange Juice”. Enjoy the Photos and the build video.

Build video

Configuration list of Project Limbo:

CPU: Intel Core i9-10900K

Motherboard: Z490I AORUS ULTRA


RAM: AORUS RGB Memory 16GB (2x8GB) 3600MHz


PSU: AORUS P750W 80+ GOLD Modular

Case: Antec Striker

Fans: EK-Vardar EVO RGB

Cooling: EK Quantum Kinetic, EK Quantum Velocity

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Dewayne Carel

Dewyane began in the case modding scene when it was just starting out many years ago. Shortly after that, he started Modders-Inc to help others learn how to create and have fun with PC case mods. He has created works for the likes of Bethesda, Cooler Master, ASUS, CPU Magazine, Razer, Zotac and more.

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