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This Mondays PC case mod comes from Ali Abbas. He has done some really amazing work in the past and this creation is spectacular. I could go on talking about it but lets let Ali Abbas do so as he has all the insight on his PC case mod, the Iron Maiden.

Abbas says… If you don’t look closely you can’t realize that this one actually has a case or rather more than a case in it. Modified the shit outa this one again.

As usual, 100% handmade, no automation, just hand-guided tools were used.


This project all started off as a Thermaltake Invitational last year, but I retreated as I saw I won’t be finished as I would like to. Even though that’s a pity, It did go on to win the German Championship, defending my 2019 title made with Spartacus. So I am more than happy.

I love working on a deadline and under pressure when I mod live at events and so forth, but when making something so epic like THE ORIN MAIDEN, I like my vision to be the only restriction, not the building time. So this is the result.


It is all about the Spanish inquisition, their plunders and acquisition of gold in that era, and of course amongst all the tools of terror they used and interrogated the mostly innocent folk with. The Iron Maiden was the most prominent.

I actually used more than just the full case, I also used the second side panel instead of slag from another Case.

The Ram cooler looks like a golden ingot, the GPU cover is a Spanish church door decoration, the cables can be accessed by the metal rung hatch door beneath and the whole case is turned on with none the less as that a bloody spike.


A monitor can be flipped out via a spike switch too. It all rests on the four Spanish Inquisitor Torquemada lanterns made of beer bottles. The cages enshrouding the whole case were made open so as to see the PC case and its treasures inside. They are made of wood, worbla cladding, and gemstones to depict the Spanish treasures they won from the colonies.

One of the highlights is the candle at the altar in the front. Before the so accused heretics were tortured or killed they were given the chance to repent and confess. So i had to get that detail in somehow.

And yes it has a crucial function. If you blow out the candle, then the whole array of yellow fire flickering LEDs all over the case extinguish too. If you light the candle again, they flicker back on and react to the music it plays over its internal loudspeakers.

The open side reveals the hardware and the back panel the evil pentagram and a deadly message of doom.

Pretty evil stuff right, well so were the bad guys of the Inquisition. I have to live the theme, so the theme will live.

Here is the final video,



The first test of the LEDs and candle system demonstration


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