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Making a Windown in Your CD-ROM Drive

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Now what in the heck am I going to use as a window?  I found a package box from a programmable thermostat I bought many moons ago… yes, that will do.  I knew I would use it sometime, you can use just about anything that is clear. Thin Plexiglas, the plastic CD that comes on top when you buy a Spindle (you could use that as a template for a window) and even a CD case, its up to you.
Making a Windown in Your CD-ROM Drive 1
I cut the plastic a little bigger that the window and used clear silicone for the glue.  You could uses Hot Glue or Plumbers Goop, but I would not use any kind of tape. If the tape were to come loose while using a CD I would hate to see what happens.
Making a Windown in Your CD-ROM Drive 2
The plastic in place and glued down. It now needs to dry, so go do something else for a while.
Making a Windown in Your CD-ROM Drive 3


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