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Matsunichi 500GB USB 3.0 HDD | TechwareLabs

Matsunichi is one of those Chinese electronics firms that is simultaneously everywhere and nowhere. Everywhere, in that you can find their stuff on Amazon, in Best Buy, and even Wal-Mart; nowhere in that hardly anybody outside the industry recognizes their name. They focus mainly on tablets, media streamers and portable hard drives, and it’s this last group we’ll be taking a look at today. Their 500GB USB 3.0 hard drive offering, model number DM256-BU-500GB, aims to give you half a terabyte for half a benjamin with minimal fuss. A cursory examination of the major online retailers confirms that they hit their price point, but what sort of performance do you get for your money? Let’s put this drive through its paces and find out.

via Matsunichi 500GB USB 3.0 HDD | TechwareLabs.

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