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Mirror’s Edge:Catalyst Release Date Announced With Trailer


The trailer for Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst has many people excited. It has been a long time since since the original first-person Parkour oriented game came out, which at that time was one of the first games to feature NVIDIA’s PhysX interactive enhancements. The in-game graphics for Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst look absolutely gorgeous rendered in first-person Frostbite Engine 3 and the storyline is actually a prequel  to the 2008 title and will explore protagonist Faith’s past showing her origins. Release date for North America is at February 23, 2016 while European countries would have to wait a few days after that at February 26. The trailer shown at E3 can be seen below:

One funny thing that user Isai76 noticed on Reddit is that the new protagonist bears a close resemblance to EA CEO Andrew Wilson. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst of course is distributed by EA. Below is a comparison photo, you be the judge. This is hilariously fitting considering EA’s villainous reputation in the gaming industry and has been voted as the worst company in the US for their overzealous DLC-whoring, ahead of even Haliburton which profited directly from the deaths of millions and overcharged billions in their government contract. Who knows, maybe you get to shoot a Dick Cheney look-alike in game as well hopefully.


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