Modders-Inc Podcast #9 – Talking with Corsair

  Topics:  The pricing of Windows 7 The Cooler Master Hyper N520 CPU Cooler, We talk to Corsair about some of their upcoming products like the Corsair Cooling Ice T30 sub-ambient cooling…

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Modders-Inc Podcast #8 The Nipple Case

  Topics: We talk about the Corsair TEC Memory Cooler Rants on how nothing seems to change about PC’s Left 4 Dead 2 World of Warcraft is a drug How…

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Modders-Inc Podcast #7 Cases and Cases

  Topics: During this issue Dewayne, Tony, Vic and Bill from MNPCTECH talk about the new cases at Computex. We also talk about the Thermaltake SpinQ CPU Cooler The Sapphire…

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Modders-inc Podcast # 6 Meanie

  Topics:   Talk about Jonnyguruthe ExtremeTech modding contesthardware reviews on the siteWindows 7and some free software picks. Podcast Members–Tony – TazzVic – XcaliburFXDewayne – Americanfreak Guest-Mike   Leave comments and talk about…

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Modders-Inc Podcast #5 Interview with Tania/Razergirl from Razer

    Topics:  We talks to Tania from Razer about PAX08, their modding contest, the Razer Cult and about their current and new products. It was nice to hear that…

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Modders-Inc Podcast #4 The ModShop and NVISION 08

  Topics:  We have a new podcast out and this time we talk about what we think might have happened as to why the Modshop might has gone down. We…

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Modders-Inc Podcast #3 Part 3 with Bill Owens

  Topics:  There was so much covered in the podcast’s that if you missed any of them you really need to go and get them Podcast Members–Tony – TazzDewayne –…

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Modders-Inc Podcast #2 Part 2 with Bill Owens

  Topics:  Here are some of the topics covered in part two of the interview. How to find inspiration for your own case mod. My standards for Mnpctech.com’s work before…

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Modders-Inc Podcast #1 Bill Owens of MNPCTECH

  Topics: It was a great interview that has so much information in it that we had to split it into a couple podcast. Download the podcast(s) and I know…

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