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Modder’s Tools: Big Praise for Tiny Bags

The more modding work you do, the more clutter you begin to accumulate. Small items like fasteners, fittings, plugs, etc. can be quickly lost or forgotten if not properly stored. That’s where tiny bags come in. They’re commonly called “plastic jewelry bags” and cost a few cents apiece. The bags pictured are 3″x 5″, and a variety of sizes are available depending on your needs.


These bags are great for modders and hobbyists in general. They can be labeled with a permanent marker, and help protect your items. You can also write in-depth information about the part (where it’s from, when you bought it, etc) onto an index card, and fold that up in the bag along with the object itself. This can be invaluable when you’re restarting an old project.

It’s hard to understand how useful these little bags are until you start using them. It’s only a few bucks for a package of 100; try them out!


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