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MSI GTX 750 Ti Gaming Video Card Review

don’t understand fanboys. I never have, I never will. I do admit to being a fanboy of certain things, but those things are not brand related, they are quality and performance related. For example, I like my cases to be very sturdy, easy to work on, well designed to make good use of space, have good airflow and minimalistic styling. There are certain manufacturers that happen to do this better than others, and I do recommend them and am more apt to use certain pieces in their lines. That decision is based on the quality of the component, not on the brand name on the piece. If you give me a case that meets these requirements better than what I have, I don’t care who makes it, I will say that it is the better piece. For some, however, when it comes to GPUs, the entire idea of advocating the better GPU goes out the window. We see far more justifying of shortcomings than we do acknowledging the better piece.

via MSI GTX 750 Ti Gaming Video Card Review.

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