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Mushkin @ CES 2016: Bigger, More Affordable Storage

Mushkin is a Texas-based memory and storage company offering excellent bang-for-buck value on most of their product line. 2016 is no exception as the company expands their line to deliver a stronger bang-for-buck offering than what is currently available in the market for SATA SSDs.

Their ECO3 and Triactor are TLC drives (although the ECO3 will be a NewEgg exclusive) using a SM2256 controller with sequential read and write speeds of 560MB/s and 515MB/s respectively. No final pricing is announced yet but Mushkin promises that they are both going to be aggressively priced for affordability both in its 240GB and 480GB variants. On the MLC front, Mushkin has their Striker and Reactor SSDs featuring up to 2TB of storage space currently.  The most interesting part was the 4TB prototype that Mushkin showed off as well as seen in the photo below. You can clearly see a pair of Silicon Motion SM2246 controllers on the same PCB arranged in JBOD configuration (so it acts as a single volume).

Mushkin did not forget the small USB flash drives either showing larger capacity Atom and Impact flash drives. The most interesting compact storage they had on display however was the ICON compact flash card which, much like their SSDs, are going to be priced aggressively which is great news for Photo professionals.

Mushkin director of product development Brian Flood gives a run down on some of their latest storage related products in video:


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