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Mushkin Scorpion 480GB PCIe x2 SSD Review

To this date largely thanks to the several price drops which have occurred over the course of the past 2 years more and more consumers choose to equip their systems with SATA III SSD models in order to experience superior read & write performance compared to regular mechanical drives. However although for casual users, gamers, overclockers and most professionals the performance of SATA III SSDs is probably more than what they’ll ever need the same doesn’t apply for certain people (and companies) who place performance above all else. For such audiences several manufacturers started producing PCI-E based SSDs as far back as 7 years ago (if memory serves me well the first manufacturer to attempt this was Fusion-io with their io-Drive) but up until this day prices were not what most people would call affordable. Today with us we have one of the most cost-effective PCI-E SSDs in the market, the Scorpion 480GB by Mushkin.

Mushkin Scorpion 480GB PCIe x2 SSD Review @ NikKTech




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