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OCZ Vector 150 240GB Review (Page 1 of 10) | APH Networks

As time progresses on, it has become quite a wakeup call to me that I am really not that young anymore. Being a person born in 1990, I have witnessed the end of the non-digital age (You know, where people did not have cell phones and actually talked to each other, went outside to ride bikes, and actually did homework research in the library by reading real books), and the massive shift in people’s lifestyle as we embrace the changes brought upon us in the consumer electronics and internet revolution of the early 2000’s. To see how generations have adapted to this change, I went around and asked some people if they know what a fax machine is. The first person I asked was someone born in 1997. “Of course I know what a fax machine is,” she said. “I just never really used one.” I then asked someone who was born in 1999. “Oh, I know about the fax machine. It sends documents and stuff. But why didn’t people just use email instead?” Finally, I asked someone born in 2003. “Fax machine? Is it that thing where you type things and it prints onto a page?” Looking back, we have really gone a long way. This is no different in the digital storage world. Roughly ten years ago, the Western Digital Raptor 36GB 10,000RPM hard drive was a seriously fast hard drive. I remember reading a review that said the Raptor “manages the best transfer rates ever for an ATA drive”, quoting its “impressive” 45MB/s minimum transfer rate. Trying using the same Raptor now, and you will be so frustrated by its slow sequential performance, poor IOPS capability, and high access time, you would have wished you had a 5400RPM drive from 2014 instead. Today, SSDs continue to shatter performance barriers as OCZ shows off their flagship Vector 150. Promising a 150% increase in write endurance over the original Vector — hence the name — do we have yet another winner in our hands? Read on to find out!

via OCZ Vector 150 240GB Review (Page 1 of 10) | APH Networks.

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