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Original System Shock Game Now Available on GOG

Revolutionary video game System Shock forever changed the gaming landscape when it was released, mixing FPS and RPG elements into a new hybrid that elevated video game narrative beyond what people thought possible at the time. I’m surprised that I have not come across a System Shock casemod yet, but maybe playing this game again will get some creative juices flowing. If you were too young to have experienced the game when it was released, now is the perfect time to see the game that directly influenced Bioshock, Deus Ex and countless other games. The classic and enhanced edition System Shock is available at GOG in a single package with 20% discount until September 29, 6:59 AM GMT. All current System Shock 2 owners on GOG will get an even better discount at 40% off.


System Shock Enhanced Edition features resolution up to 1024×768 (compared to the original 640×480), and a native 854×480 widescreen mode. The controls have also been streamlined and various bugs have been fixed. You can get the game now for only $7.99 over at GOG.com.

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