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PAX East 2016 @ Boston, MA: Image Gallery

IMG_9024This year PAX East 2016 has been bigger than ever. I had an opportunity to go to PAX East in Boston this year and let me tell you, the experience was just as big as my previous years at PAX. As you can imagine, lots of gaming manufacturers from Indie to FPS to table top games. Here you will always find something to your liking. Let’s not forget Cosplaying that is going on at PAX every year. I saw very detailed and colorful cosplayers re-enacting different battles or scenes for a video game/movie or comic book. Very cool. No I did not dressed up to join them but it definitely crossed my mind once or twice.



BYOC this time wasn’t as good as in previous years. Don’t get me wrong, people still bring their computers to hang around and play however, the amount and quality of custom builds has gone down drastically. Some of the cases that I saw were mediocre at best. Kind of disappointing by never the less I saw people enjoying themselves and really getting in to the PAX spirit.



Any anticipated games? Of course! One of the longest lines I have seen at PAX was dedicated to DOOM.


Here are some of the handpicked images from PAX East Boston 2016.





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