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Portal: After The Explosion by mcnaryxc

So, the idea. When the new Portal:Prelude came out (everyone should play that) and I finished the game, I had an all new love for the game of Portal. And, since I just got a job and been wanting to build a new computer, I decided I wanted to try my hat at a case mod, surrounding Portal.



 I looked over the net and the obvious good ideas of a companion cube case and the Aperture Science Enrichment Center (ASEC) case were already done, and I wanted something original.

Dewayne Carel

Dewyane began in the case modding scene when it was just starting out many years ago. Shortly after that, he started Modders-Inc to help others learn how to create and have fun with PC case mods. He has created works for the likes of Bethesda, Cooler Master, ASUS, CPU Magazine, Razer, Zotac and more.

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