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Michael Kaiser’s UNFORGIVEN ~ A Metallica Tribute Case Mod Covers CPU Magazine

Michael Kaiser’s who has just been Modders-Inc. Featured Case MOD  for Unforgiven Metallica Tribute MOD has earned the coveted cover of Computer Power User, CPU Magazine. ComputerPowerUser.com Digital Edition.

Michael shared with Modders-Inc. some details and insight to this build when he was selected MODDERS-Inc Featured Case Mod: Featured Case MOD http://www.modders-inc.com/unforgiven-metallica-tribute-case-mod/

I’ve said for the last 4 months, this build has taken it’s place in my gallery of favorite MODS and right up there as the current #1.

Congratulations Michael Kaiser!

We Look forward to many more Rock Hard, In Your Face, Heavy Metal MODDING.


Hidden away in a dark part of the Modders-Inc offices is a man, no a machine, that writes reviews so epic that they have been listed in the top ten best reads by the New York Times. Well that is what we tell him otherwise we have no idea what would happen if he knew the truth.

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