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QNAP HS-210 Review (Page 1 of 8) | APH Networks

Hello guys, Jonathan Kwan here. In this multi-author review, I would just like to start off with a little story before passing the time on to my colleague Preston Yuen for the next few pages. Earlier last week, I received a text message in the morning from a friend, asking if I was interested in seeing “Guardians of the Galaxy”. Because I have spent pretty much the entire first week of August hanging out every night — with pretty much the exactly the same group of people, no joke — I decided it was probably a wise choice to catch up on some work instead. As such, I politely declined, and asked her to let me know how the movie went. The next day, I saw her, and asked her how it turned out. As the story unfolded, after spending all this effort in coordinating an event to watch “Guardians of the Galaxy” as a group, she actually did not show up herself. If this story sounds familiar to you, yes, this is the same story from a different perspective told by my colleague Aaron Lai in his XTracGear Carbonic review a few days ago. Now, why would anyone invite people out to a movie and ditch out the last minute is absolutely beyond me, but there is something to be learned that is completely relevant to our product review today. The question to ask is, will the group have gotten together on that day, in that time, at that place, if my friend did not coordinate the event? Just by pure statistics, I highly doubt it. As you can see here, even if someone does not appear in the foreground, by working silently in the background, and quite literally out of sight, you can definitely still get something going. The same philosophy is what QNAP presents to us in the HS-210 network attached storage system. Designed to be fanless, compact, and working silently in the background, will the HS-210 deliver on all the features and services you need? We have one here at APH Networks to find out.

via QNAP HS-210 Review (Page 1 of 8) | APH Networks.

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