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QNAP TurboNAS TS-470 NAS Server

Up until roughly 5 years ago whenever i needed to download large chunks of data from the internet i had to use my HTPC system which naturally consumed a lot less power than my Intel Core i7 systems. Still even that used almost 90W at idle and although compared to my other systems this was nothing having it turned on almost 24/7 was not really good for my wallet. That all changed however when i received my very first NAS server and i haven’t looked back ever since. True NAS Servers can’t do everything a small PC can right from the box but currently these little devices can do most of what a PC can without however taking up the same space while at the same time their electrical requirements are many times less something that concerns many people especially those who use such devices nonstop for long periods of time. For the past two weeks we’ve been putting through rigorous testing yet another NAS Server by our friends over at QNAP and more specifically their latest and quite powerful TurboNAS TS-470.

via QNAP TurboNAS TS-470 NAS Server.

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