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Review of JBL Synchros S700 Headphones | Testfreaks The Blog

It’s been a long time since I’ve been treated to a real nice set of cans, my last pair being from House of Marley are nice enough and suit my style but have some limitations in the sound department. JBL are well known for producing quality sound gear so the Synchros S700 were a natural progression for me in search of the ultimate headphones. They are available in both black and white, I’m glad I got the one to match perfectly my Galaxy S4 which I’ll be using for most of my listening. I wanted something that not only sounded amazing, they looked cool too. But I didn’t want what everyone else had. At around $300 they won’t break the bank either.

via Review of JBL Synchros S700 Headphones | Testfreaks The Blog.

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  1. Appreciate this article on JBL Synchros, JBL is big name in headphones so I was looking for tech specs also will be glad to see with offers…

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