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Rosewill RNX-N150NUB WiFi Adapter Review: Old Tech in the New World

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Final Thoughts

There is a sea of WiFi adapters out there. Most of them are offered in USB form so that the users can easily use them in their every day devices. But the question you should really be asking yourself when looking for WiFi adapter is: “What am I trying to accomplish with it?”. Are you looking for a device that will help you stream movies in full HD or a device that could be used for gaming and file sharing or simply YouTube/Facebook usage?

What we have with the RNX-N150NUB is a simple WiFi adapter that does very little for the demanding world. Just by looking at the data I have gotten from testing and it doesn’t look very much impressive. Of course I had to do some real life testing as well and watch some high-def YouTube videos and unfortunately videos would just freeze due to the lack of bandwidth. Gaming with RNX-N150NUB would be tough. If you are planning to game with this adapter, don’t, as you will find a good amount of lag.

Multi streaming in this device works well however do remember its a split of the whole bandwidth which unfortunately is not much. So what can you use RNX-N150NUB for? Simple web site browsing like e-mail and Facebook. Perhaps playing some music and occasional Java based games.


Price of this unit is about 9$ USD and seems to be just a tad on the high side of the pricing curve. The product is well build however offering only 2.4 GHz frequency with short range is a big negative. Do think carefully of what exactly you need from a WiFi adapter when making your choice.



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