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Samsung 840 EVO 250GB SSD Review

Although PCIe and mSATA solid state drives are perhaps the two hottest “things” currently in the internal storage market that’s not really enough to make them the most popular choice especially with the price tag free-fall of normal SATA III models. We just need to take a look at how things were just 2 years ago so while back then SSD prices were set at around USD1.5/GB today that has dropped to around USD0.9/GB which means that we’ve pretty much witnessed roughly a 40% reduction in price inside 2 years. Samsung may not have been amongst the very first manufacturers to jump in the consumer SSD wagon but they were the very first to offer high performance models for less compared to their immediate competition (largely thanks to the fact that Samsung SSDs use their own controllers and NAND Flash) and that’s why their SSDs have taken such a large piece of the market. Last July Samsung launched the 840 EVO SSD Series and although it did take a while for us to secure a sample today on our test bench we have the 250GB model.

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