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Seagate Desktop SSHD 4TB Review

It’s common knowledge that the appearance of consumer oriented Solid State Drives (SSDs) revolutionized the storage industry but even after several years in the market their price/capacity ratio is nowhere close to the one of regular mechanical drives and that’s something that drives away casual consumers who are not really interested in getting the highest possible performance levels. Well because manufacturers know how the market works the next obvious step for them was to somehow marry the high performance levels of SSDs with the capacity of regular HDDs in order to dish out something just as fast but with higher capacity and lower price and out of that marriage hybrid drives were born. Unfortunately although the first attempts did offer some performance improvements at roughly the same price as regular HDDs they weren’t very successful in convincing consumers that this was the way to go. Today we will be taking a very thorough look at the latest Desktop SSHD 4TB model which is actually Seagate’s very first attempt in combining the speed of an SSD with the large capacity of a 3.5″ HDD.

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