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TeamGroup Xtreem ARGB White DDR4 Memory Review at PCTestBench

James at PCTestBench has this to say about the TeamGroup Xtreem ARGB Memory…

TeamGroup has just released an all-white version of its stylish Xtreem ARGB. The Xtreem ARGB White features a full mirror light penetration body, the latest ARGB technology, premium overclocking 10-layer board, and selected high-quality ICs. Just like the black version, the Xtreem ARGB White comes in a variety of configurations ranging from 3200MHz to 4000MHz with a number of different timings.

TeamGroup Xtreem ARGB White DDR4 Memory Review at PCTestBench ARGB, ddr4, Memory, RAM, teamgroup 1
From the PCTestBench Review

From a performance perspective, you could not ask for anything more from a memory kit. It pretty much topped the charts in every benchmark and was leaps and bounds above the competition in latency with a snappy 43.8ns. Even though we were able to overclock the kit to 3733MHz, I would probably just run it stock. Even though the overclocked kit had a mild benefit in read/write speeds, it is not worth the additional 5ns in latency.


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