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Sentey Phoenix GS 5700 Gaming Keyboard Review

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Software and programmable features of the Sentey Phoenix GS 5700 Gaming Keyboard

The Install of the interface software is easy and quick however,  a restart was required. The interface also works in Windows 8.1 as this tester installed and used on both Windows 7 and 8.1. The user interface looks good and easy to use and navigate. The onboard 128k memory will hold five profiles of macro settings and user program functions. Profiles can be exported and saved so an unlimited number of profiles can be filed away and loaded into one of the five profiles anytime you like.

Open the GUI application and you’re presented with a blazing image of your Phoenix keyboard layout. In the initial presentation you can select Profile 1 through 5 to create, import, export or edit the specific profile. If you choose a profile to export/import it will be called from the config folder in the Phoenix root directory.

Moving around the top left to right MEDIA, BASE, MOUSE and MACRO on the lower tabs for programming we have BROWSER, ADVANCED, SHORTCUT and SINGLE KEY. The interface sits in your tray but you can set-up Macro function key to open it at the touch of a profile/macro key.

MEDIA gives you programming control to assign each of your MEDIA control functions and associate with a profile/macro key. To program; select the Macro button, select the Media Tab, click on the Function then click apply for each function you want to control and I have my media player all set to open my player, forward to next song, raise and lower the volume and pause. As I program the M keys each highlight once set for a function giving an acknowledgement the function was set, you can even test that setting while programming.

BASE gives you your standard windows functions like cut and paste.
MOUSE you can equate mouse movements and functions to keys.
MACRO is where the programming / scripting / recording of your gaming actions and function can be set-up and associated with a profile/macro.
BROWSER can function to control you browser choices.
ADVANCED controls primary windows functions.
SHORCUT allows you to jump right to shortcuts from the M1-M7 / Profile key combo.
SINGLE KEY can record and invoke keystrokes when that “M” / Profile button is invoked.

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