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Sentey Phoenix GS 5700 Gaming Keyboard Review

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The primary difference in this model and other pricey keyboards is the key components. The expensive ones are usually cherry mechanical models, the Phoenix keyboard is not a mechanical keyboard, it is membrane. Sentey’s mechanical keyboards are the Crimson, Cobalt and Gho5t Cherry mechanical switches usually double the price for a keyboard with all the same features, functions and software.DSCF2155

I’ve been using this keyboard now for over a month and will continue to use it. After using other mechanical cherry switch keyboards, special feature-rich gaming keyboards, expensive high end keyboards, the Sentey Phoenix GS 5700 Gaming Keyboard works well and holds itself up to the others. The weight is excellent, it’s design allows griping by one hand more easily than any of the other 20+ keyboards I’ve handled. Functions and control keys are well out of the way and accidental activation’s are rare. LED lighting is flexible enough to be adjusted for practically anyone’s needs. The keys are the quietest keys I’ve ever used, touch and sensitivity also very good.

DSCF2157 DSCF2156

If you enjoy the shortcut method of a programmed keyboard these function rich keyboards could be for you. For me, I’d like to see a Aeroglass semi transparent list of functions to jog my memory when I hit the profile select button, that would help in training ourselves. it would be even better if it could switch on to learn and off when no longer needed.

I was comfortable using the Phoenix from the start. Handling is good, keys responsive, touch and pressure right, illumination and sight good and ease of use is just that, easy. The price is great around $59 and I can only find weakness in the warranty of 1 year, but a low priced gaming keyboard that measures up with decent features is still a good find.

Quiet, light weight, good looks, 21 gaming macro settings and decent price give this product a no faults noted and “approved” endorsement.



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