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Sentey Vibros Gaming Headset

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A Closer Look

Sentey Vibros Gaming Headset

The Sentey Vibros Gaming Headset is well marketed. The box displays a clear view of the headset.

Sentey Vibros Gaming Headset

Moving around to the back of the box, Sentey has provided more information on the Vibros headset. The features and specifications are listed here as well as more information on each part of the headset.

Sentey Vibros Gaming Headset

I initially expected to pull out a flimsy plastic container with the headset tucked inside. Instead, a heavy duty cardboard container with a door was found. Opening the door to the box, the carrying case for the Sentey Vibros Gaming Headset is found.

Sentey Vibros Gaming Headset

The package contains the Sentey Vibros Gaming Headset in the carrying/storage case, user manual and software and a poster.

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