Lessons of Painting a PC Case

A Step-by-Step Guide to Shooting Paint: Stepping Away From Black

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Step 4: TSP

step 4

TSP stands for Tri-Sodium Phosphate. It is a cleaner designed to get all the little oils your fingers left behind when you were hanging your parts out to dry. Before you use TSP mask off (cover with masking tape) anything you don’t want painted. Use a lint free cloth and wipe down all surfaces that are going to get painted.


Step 5: Tack Rag

step 5


The tack rag is used to get all the little particles of dust that have collected on your subject. It is important that you do not touch the object you are painting while you wipe it down with the tack rag.

Step 6: Shooting the First Coat

step 6


Regardless of what medium you decide to use to shoot your paint with (spray paint or HVLP gun), the application process is the same. Make sure you keep back about 6-8 inches and keep the spray paint can strait. Do not break your wrists, only bend at the elbow and shoulder. Always put a light coat into harder to reach spots like corners first, then the edges, then fill-in. Make sure you start off light and slowly build up. Let it flash (dry to the touch) about 10-30 minutes, then do another light dusting.

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