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Streacom ST-FC8B EVO Mini ITX Case

Enthusiasts, hardcore gamers and professionals may prefer to use full tower PC Cases for their systems but there’s really no doubt that every hardware component will get smaller as technology progresses (both Intel and AMD are aiming towards that). Of course to date the really power hungry high performance systems belong inside full towers for a variety of reasons but more and more people turn towards smaller mITX cases for their new HTPC systems which can actually be used for gaming as well something which was not really possible a few years ago. Things however don’t end there and although in the market there’s an abundance of midi and full tower PC Cases the same can’t be said about mITX/HTPC ones especially for people who are looking for high quality solutions. Lucky for every consumer out there new manufacturers emerge all the time and although most don’t jump in all at once to bring quality products into the market one of the latest players that listens to the name Streacom seems to be doing the exact opposite of that.

Streacom ST-FC8B EVO Mini ITX Case Mini-ITX, Steacom 1

Streacom ST-FC8B EVO Mini ITX Case.


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