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Cooler Master: MasterBox Q300L Review

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MasterBox Q300LWhen building a media pc there is really only one thing that comes to mind, the size. What I seek in the media pc case is the style and ability to freely adjust and use components. Apparently Cooler Master and I have the same understanding. Introducing the all-new MasterBox Q300L. MasterBox Q300L is a Mini Tower type of a case that easily supports Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX motherboards and offers great cooling options. This case is very modular when it comes to customization. Users also have options to have the case upright or being on its side. Either way cooling this case would be a breeze, literally. From our previous experience with MasterBox cases by Cooler Master, I expect nothing less than spectacular quality and options from MasterBox Q300L.

Review Sample Provided byCooler Master
Product Name: MasterBox Q300L
Price at time of review$ 39.99 USD
The product was given in exchange for work done to produce this review.

Amazon Modders Inc Cooler Master: MasterBox Q300L Review Cooler Master, MasterBox, micro atx, Mini-ITX, Q300L 1Cooler Master: MasterBox Q300L Review Cooler Master, MasterBox, micro atx, Mini-ITX, Q300L 2


Just like all of the CoolerMaster cases Q300L is being shipped in an environmentally healthy box. The complete package weight about 10 Lb. and has very little color. In fact, entire information which is being provided is black and white.

There are some areas of the shipping box with descriptions of some of the features this case has to offer.

The case itself is packaged in a white foam and wrapped in a thin plastic bag to protect the case from any accidental damages. Frugal areas such as the left window are protected by a thin, self-adhesive clear tape.

Technical Specifications

Product Name MasterBox Q300L
Product Number MCB-Q300L-KANN-S00
Available Color Black
Materials Steel, Plastic
Dimensions (LxWxH) 387 x 230 x 378mm
Motherboard Support Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX
Expansion Slots 4
Drive Bays 5.25″ 0
3.5″ HDD 1
2.5″ SSD 2
I/O Port USB 3.0 x 2, Audio In / Out
Pre-installed Fan(s) Front N/A
Rear 120mm x 1
Fan Support Front 120 / 140mm x 2
Top 120mm x 2
Rear 120mm x 1
Bottom 120mm x 1
Radiator Support Front 120mm x 1 / 240mm x 1
Rear 120mm x 1
Clearances CPU Cooler 157mm
PSU 160mm
GPU 360mm
Cable Routing Behind MB Tray 28mm
Power Supply Support Bottom mount, ATX PS2
EAN Code 4719512065488
UPC Code 884102038006


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  1. Can you install a 240mm radiator to the top? Specification does not say but the top panel seems to be the same as the front…

  2. Can you clearify one issue for me ? Because the specification table on the first page says CPU cooler clerance is 157 mm, but on the 3rd page you said it can support about 160mm CPU Cooler Height, which makes me confused which one is right. Plus one thing i see the cooler you used on the installation is may be Cooler Master Hyper 212, right ? I love this case so much from the fist sight and i dont want to replace my Thermalright Legrand Macho either. So you guys can help this issue ? Cheer and love your review.

  3. Tamas,

    Is it possible to fit a 240 up top, yes it is. However keep this in mind there are no mounting for it. There are no mounting holes however, If you REALLY want to put a 240 up there you can. It would be a pain because you will have issues with the motherboard being in the way. IF you go that route, go with a slim 240mm radiator. If I remember correctly, most manufactures make them in 37mm height.
    Hope this helps.

  4. Tuan,
    So here is the deal. I measured the distance from the motherboard tray all the way up to the window. So this is why you see 160 in my notes. However if you want from the motherboard tray to the window, e mail and i will re-measure it for you.(alex@modders-inc.com)
    The cooler I am using is in fact Hyper 212. If I am not mistaken the whole cooler is about 158mm. But I would not use it in this case. Get a AIO 120mm solution. It will look much cleaner.

  5. Him I built a my first pc with this and right now I’m trying to install fans the, Corsair LL120 RGB but when I try and use the screws that came with the fans they are to big and the screws that came with the case are to small. If anyone knows a way around this I’ll be looking, plz reply ty

  6. Would it be possible to insert a full ATX MoBo by flangin it behind the PSU? I really like this case, but I just bought an ATX motherboard.

  7. I just fit a cooler master 212 turbo cpu cooler in my cooler master case with a few mm to spare and so I u can fit up too a 163mm cpu cooler in ur welcome:)

  8. I have tried 140mm on the top of the case and it does contact the motherboard when installing them up there so i recommend installing the fans first and pushing the motherboard down towards the psu area to stop it from contacting the fans.

  9. I unscrewed the HDD panel and it came out and I was able to screw it back but it won’t let me take take the HDD panel off again. How could I take it out?

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