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Thecus N5550 NAS Server

Earlier this month i finished the entire Mass Effect trilogy for the 3rd time (leaving out the Wing Commander universe Mass Effect is my second most favorite one) and regardless of how much i try i still can’t figure out why Bioware decided to pull the plug on Shepard and all the characters we all got to know during the course of the entire game (the perfect red ending may not be the paragon conclusion i’d like to see but still it gives me hope that they will reconsider eventually). Anyways the reason i mentioned this is because while i was discussing about it through Skype with several online acquaintances roughly a week ago i mentioned that we were currently testing 3 NAS Servers and to my surprise only one of them had heard about such devices. Now i do realize that most consumers are not aware of NAS servers since in all likelihood they will never have to use one but it’s a whole different story when we’re talking about serious games and enthusiasts so that’s why their response took me by surprise. In any case NAS server sales continue to increase which pretty much means that more and more people learn about them every day and since we want you all to know what it is that you are spending your hard earned money to purchase we are doing our best to enrich our database. Today on our test bench we have a previous generation yet proven model manufactured by Thecus, the quite powerful and award winning N5550.

via Thecus N5550 NAS Server.

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