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Thermaltake Core V71 Full Tower Review

When i first started my journey in computers around 25 years ago things were very simple when building your own system so you pretty much had to choose between just a handful of mainboards and CPUs, even less memory modules and sound cards and if that wasn’t already bad enough things were even worse when it came to HDDs, graphics cards, monitors, peripherals and of course PC Cases. Back then variety was non-existent (you could probably count every consumer available brand with just your fingers) so the only thing we could do was to look forward for new technologies announced and compared to now it took many years for most of those to reach us. Just imagine that it took roughly a decade before i could even find a PC Case that wasn’t just 6 flat metal plates joint together and painted white. Well the exact opposite happens today but things aren’t that much different since because of the countless models in the market some people have it equally hard to find the PC Case best suited for their needs. Thermaltake has been in the “special” PC Case industry right from the start and they just rolled out one of the most impressive cases of the year the Core V71 Full Tower which we have here with us today.

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