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Thermaltake Enables PC Off Remote Function for Toughpower DPS G Series PSUs

As an added layer of security, Thermaltake has introduced a PC off remote function for their Toughpower DPS G digital power supply series. This function is part of the Smart Power Management (SPM) platform, a cloud-based feature that tracks and analyzes the system PC’s power consumption. Through DPS G Mobile APP, users can send the command from anywhere to shut down or reboot their PC.

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Since the SPM platform can alert users of any abnormal system behaviour, this newly added safety feature gives users the ability to prevent any major catastrophe from happening to their system. The PC remote off function can also be set and scheduled on specific time and dates, automating the level of power management desired. For those with a Toughpower DPS G power supply and would wish to learn how to use many of its functions, Thermaltake has prepared a series of videos that teaches more efficient use of each feature at



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