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ThermalTake Volos Gaming MouseFor years Thermaltake has been a popular manufacture of PC parts and accessories. The products included such things as CPU coolers, cases, and case fans. Over the last few years Thermaltake has taken a great interest in eSports and have launched a line of gaming accessories under the Tt eSPORT line. The esports line featured products such as keyboards, mice, headsets and quite a few other essential accessories. One of Thermaltake’s latest products is the Volos gaming mouse. A decent mouse can either make or break a gaming session; if the mouse does not perform well then the gamer will have a rough time in game. Conversely, if the mouse performs well the gamer can really make the player excel. A mouse is a very personal item, not every mouse is going to fit every person’s hand. That is why there are so many different mice on the market.

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Color Black
Sensor Type Laser
No. of Buttons 14
Memory Size 512KB
No. of Macro Keys 140
No. of Game Profiles 10
Lighting Effect O
Pause-Break Effect O
Color Options 16.8 Million
USB cable length 1.8 braided
Weight-In Design O
Graphical UI O
Industrial Rubber-Coating O
Gold-Platted USB O
Dimension 129 * 79 * 43mm
Polished Finishing X

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