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Tt eSPORTS Level 10 M Hybrid Gaming Mouse Review

Gaming mice may be a rather new addition to PC peripherals (always compared to others) but that hasn’t really stopped manufacturers from developing and releasing a huge number of models up until today from basic ones aimed at casual users and up to blazing fast and extremely accurate ones designed primarily for serious gamers and professionals. As mentioned in previous reviews however there aren’t that many feature-rich models currently in the market that also combine blazing fast speeds with wireless connectivity and although i have to admit that i was never into using wireless keyboards and mice (mainly due to signal issues in the past) most people i know do. Tt eSPORTS is also rather new in this industry but in the short period they’ve been around they have released more gaming mice models than any other manufacturer to date and so they naturally possess a great deal of knowledge involving the development of such peripherals (they also know what sells). Today on our test bench we have a gaming peripheral that we never really thought they’d develop and we are talking about no other than their latest achievement the Level 10 M Hybrid Gaming Mouse.

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