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Understanding Graphics Cards – a Laymen’s Guide | Technology X

Have you ever shopped for a graphics card before? Maybe it was your first graphics card, maybe you didn’t buy a card and decided to stick with the integrated graphics that accompanied your fancy motherboard. Maybe you went out upgraded to the new AMD Radeon R9 295X2. Whether you are a graphics guru or new to the graphics market, this article is a good place to start. This article serves the purpose of giving you a basic understanding of the underlying components and aspects of a graphics card to be cautious of when heading onto Amazon for a graphics upgrade.

via Understanding Graphics Cards – a Laymen’s Guide | Technology X.


  1. Motherboards don’t have integrated graphics, and yeah, I trust your judgment on the article.

  2. I suspect what the author is speaking about is AMD’s newest 4th gen Kaveri / steamroller 7800 series that will not only give R9 level graphics onboard but also integrate graphics APU/CPU with GPU, but I’m just guessing.

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