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Celebrate US National Robotics Week 2016 from April 2-10

From the 2nd of April until the 10th marks the seventh annual National Robotics Week in the United States where participants including educational institutes and robotic hobby groups across 50 states showcase various local events to promote interest and inspire creativity in robotic technology. Started in 2010, the event has grown quickly and now involve hundreds of events.


Robotics and automation is increasingly becoming a part of the computer modding community with many modders using the technology to animate robotic movements as well as program LED behaviours and is expected to increase further this year.


Michael Kraft’s 3D-Printed Team Fortress Turret Casemod from QuakeCon 2015

Check out http://www.nationalroboticsweek.org/ for full listings and to participate in local events in your area.

This week try to make a robot friend, instead of these Boston Dynamics guys who are fond of kicking our automaton pals around. They’ll be the first to go when Skynet goes live.


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