Watch the TigerDirect Event Live from CES

 Tonight I will be part of the TigerDirect  Charity PC Race. This will be my first time doing this and I just hope that I can just even complete the build. Last years winner was able to do it in four minutes! What would be awesome for me is if I can get into the top three TirgerDirect will donate the PC and money to my charity of choice. If you want to watch the TigerDirect  Charity PC Race you can do from this page. 

Watch the TigerDirect Event Live from CES 1Since 1997, TigerDirect’s “Build Your Own PC Race” for charity has tasked 30 of the top industry journalists to assemble systems based on a processor in record time. For several years, the event has taken place during the Consumer Electronics Show. This year, TigerDirect will host two separate races during CES: the National Finals, which will determine who will win the consumer portion, and the traditional PC Race which will be open to editors. Since its inception, TigerDirect has provided over $2.5 million in cash and computer equipment to schools and non-profit organizations through the race. By extending the chance to compete to consumers, TigerDirect will make even more donations to local charities.







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