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Western Digital My Passport Ultra Portable Hard Drive Review | TechwareLabs

A handful of years ago we measured our hard drives in gigabytes with terabyte drives being an exotic luxury item. Nowadays most people wouldn’t even consider putting anything less than a 1TB drive in a new build, with many people going for 2 or even 4TB drives. Game installs are getting ridiculous, movies can easily be 20+ GB, and one family trip worth of photos can add up to gigs upon gigs; and of course we aren’t willing to delete of any of it. Because of this demand for storage, external drives are becoming faster with larger capacities and smaller footprints.

Today we are taking a look at Western Digital’s performance portable drive, the My Passport Ultra. This drive offers up exceptional speeds through USB 3.0 with up to 2TB of capacity. Combine that with an incredibly small and slim package and this drive looks to have a lot of promise. Read on to see how it performs.

via Western Digital My Passport Ultra Portable Hard Drive Review | TechwareLabs.

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